本物保証! 1st GTB デニムシャツ 出陣 05-197 桃太郎ジーンズ type 新品 インディゴ 長袖シャツ メンズ-カジュアルシャツ

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本物保証! 1st GTB デニムシャツ 出陣 05-197 桃太郎ジーンズ type 新品 インディゴ 長袖シャツ メンズ-カジュアルシャツ

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本物保証! 1st GTB デニムシャツ 出陣 05-197 桃太郎ジーンズ type 新品 インディゴ 長袖シャツ メンズ-カジュアルシャツ

桃太郎ジーンズ 05-197 出陣 デニムシャツ GTB 1st type メンズ 長袖シャツ インディゴ 新品

桃太郎ジーンズ(Momotaro Jeans)の【05-197】ファーストタイプ出陣デニムシャツシャツ(メンズ 長袖シャツ ロングスリーブスリーブ ワークシャツ)です。

この製品は、ビンテージ・Levi's(リーバイス)S506XX Type 1(ファーストモデル)トラッカージャケットの前立てプリーツのディテールを落とし込んだデニムワークシャツです。ビンテージワークウェアの無骨でクラシックなディテールは残しながら、シルエットは現代的なスリムシルエットにアレンジされています。袖は、袖山を高くして、袖幅(アームホール)を狭め、前振りを付ける裁断・縫製にアレンジすることで、シャープで現代的なファッショナブルなスタイルのシルエットに再構築されています。






フロントは6つボタンによるフルオープン開閉式です。フロント前立て脇には、ビンテージ・Levi's(リーバイス)S506XX Type 1(ファーストモデル)トラッカージャケットのディティールであるダブルプリーツが再現されています。また、ボタンには、Gジャンモチーフらしく銀色のメタリックレジン釦が使用されています。ボタンホールは水平方向に開けられています。





作品名は「05-197 Momotaro Jeans by Japan Blue Men's GTB 1st type Denim Dhirt / 桃太郎ジーンズ 【05-197】 出陣 デニムワークシャツ 2本ライン 出陣ペイント付き 8オンスデニム スリムフィット ワンウォッシュインディゴデニム メンズ 長袖シャツ ロングスリーブ デニムシャツ」です。


Product Description in English.

Momotaro Jeans 05-197 Men's Slim fit Dark Indigo Denim Shirt Long Sleeve type1 GTB

This dark indigo denim shirt is made in Japan by Momotaro Jeans from Japan Blue Co. The shirt is uniquely designed and inspired by an iconic the Levi's vintage clothing type 1 S506XX jacket. One very unique part of this shirt is the double pleated front to give the shirt a more type 1 S506XX jacket style. Also this shirt has been embellished with the painted GOING TO BATTLE stripe. And this shirt is cut to Slim Fit with for a more fashion-forward looks than Classic Fit. And the shirt is not bulky or puffy. New original designs are made for the modern age.

Gender : Men.

Fit : Slim fit for the fashionable feel and look. The shirt has a modern fit which is slim in the arms and throughout the body.

Our model wears a size Japan 38(US S) and is 175cm/5'9″tall, 61kg/134lbs and 91cm/36" chest.

This product is Japan size (Asian size), which is about 1 to size smaller than USA and EU standard size.

・Japan 38 ( US S / UK 36 )
・Japan 40 ( US M / UK 38 )
・Japan 42 ( US L / UK 40 )
・Japan 44 ( US XL / UK 42 )

The shirt is washed once, thus this is the final size fitting. Rinsed (Shrinkage is minimal if cold washed and line dried).

The following provides approximate garment measurements. (Not body measurements).
Please compare actual garment measurements of our product to another you may own.

・Japan 38 (US S)__Width: 19.7"__Length: 28.3"__Sleeve: 33.9"__Shoulder: 16.9"
・Japan 40 (US M)__Width: 20.9"__Length: 29.1"__Sleeve: 34.6"__Shoulder: 17.3"
・Japan 42 (US L)__Width: 21.7"__Length: 30.3"__Sleeve: 35.4"__Shoulder: 18.1"
・Japan 44 (US XL)__Width: 22.4"__Length: 31.5"__Sleeve: 36.2"__Shoulder: 19.3"

Width is half chest.
Lay the clothing flat and measure 3 cm under the armhole. Measure from side to side.

Please note that : This product is originally intended to wear as a slim fit for a tailored look. If you prefer a relaxed fit, please choose one size bigger.

For more information, please refer to HOW TO MEASURE THE CLOTHING shown in the image.

If you are unsure of the size to order, we will assist you. Please contact us by e-mail ( pine-avenue@spa.nifty.com ) with the following information : Height, waist circumference measure, chest circumference measure, body weight, (and type of clothing to be worn beneath the jacket most of the time), as well as the type of fit you prefer : Trim, roomy or oversized.

Made in Japan.
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.

Material : 100% Zimbabwe cotton 8 Oz. Japanese dark indigo denim.

Fabric Type : One-washed, pre-washed, preshrink, non-stretch, medium-weight, tightly woven cotton denim fabric that is high density and extremely durable. The fabric has been soaked in sea water from the Okayama coast, thus it is pre-shrunk and ready-to-wear. It combines the toughness and the natural softness for comfort. It has the natural softness for comfort, but also strong and long lasting. The more you wear, the more fabric will fade beautifully and continue to get softer and cozier. It is perfect to wear alone or as a base layer with a outerwear.

ypes of garment closure (Placket type) : 6 buttons on front opening. Full-button closure (Front placket, Front button closure) with horizontal button holes. The buttons are 2 holes design silver color resin buttons.

Bottom hem type : slightly curved hem ( shirt tail ).

Storage : The shirt has one exterior pocket. A patch pocket on left side chest. The upper pocket corners are bar tacked for extra strength.

Collar Type : Regular collar.

Cuff Type : The sleeve openings are finished with single button cuff with sleeve placket. So you can take the shirt off and put it on easily.

Yoke type : Straight yoke. Reinforced double-thickness shoulder yoke for greater durability at at stress points.

Back of the shirt : No pleats.

Style : Mens Casual Fashion / Designed and Inspired by the American vintage workwer design.

Pattern Type : Painted Going to Battle stripe on left arm.

Sleeve Style : Set-in sleeves.

Sleeve Length : Long.
Other details : A double pleated front to allow for ease of movement and comfort. Double needle chainstitch construction used throughout the shirt. It has a vintage appearance due to the light puckering of the stitching. Since this item is dyed, it's prone to crocking, or color transfer, so wear (and wash) it with dark colors till it's worn in.

Momotaro Jeans is a modern denim label established in 2006, based in Kojima, Okayama, Japan, where is the birth place of Japanese domestic jeans.

And its focus is on the reproductions of iconic vintage American military, motorcycle, and workwear clothing and accessories, and other items with 1950s fashion motifs (symbolic garments made during the golden ages of 1950's America).

Featuring American vintage style patterns and designs, the lineup includes pieces in Japanese sizes and silhouettes with the materials and details that have been enhanced with modern casual styles for today's tast.

Momotaro Jeans's products are introduced Japanese elements into american casual clothing making.

Momotaro Jeans's products are made and designed in Japan, but their inspiration comes from the American spirit from the 1950's-70's.

The items are produced to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town.

This shirt is uniquely designed and inspired by the American vintage workwer design, new original designs are made for the modern age.

Japanese size (It is smaller than american standard sizes). This shirt tend to run up on the small side, most american customers go one size up from american normal sizing. This shirt is trim fit for a stylish silhouette that giving it a more clean and dapper appearance. A sleeker fit has been incorporated in this shirt for those who prefer something more tailored and less bulky than the original vintage clothing design, whereby the armholes have been raised higher, the sleeves more tapered, and the body slimmed down vs. the full cut of the vintage workwear design. Modified fit that lends more of a tailored look to the vintage design.

This style combines the original features of classic work shirts with styling and tailoring from Momotaro Jeans.

Model name : 05-197 Momotaro Jeans by Japan Blue Men's GTB 1st type Denim Dhirt/ 8 Oz. 100% Zimbabwe cotton Japanese dark indigo denim.

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